Charger of the Week: Mashal Eikram

Mashal Eikram is a senior at Centennial this year, she is involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. Mashal plays tennis and is involved with several service organizations like Interact,  CU Scholars, and the Choose Kindness Committee. Mashal will attend the University of Illinois next year with a major of Biology. The Centinal had the opportunity to ask Mashal some questions about herself and her involvement at Centennial.

The Centinal: What do you enjoy most about Centennial?

Mashal: There are a lot of clubs at Centennial so it is easy to make friends. Unlike many other schools, the clubs here are very diverse which is nice.

The Centinal: What are your favorite hobbies?

Mashal: I like to bake, hike, and play tennis.

The Centinal: What is your favorite food?

Mashal: I really love pizza and garlic knots from Vinny’s.

The Centinal: What is your favorite clothing brand?

Mashal: Adidas

The Centinal: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Mashal: Venice Italy or Seattle Washington.

The Centinal: If you were given a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Mashal: I would set up a scholarship for pre-med students.