Bullying Prevention

The Centinal sat down with the counselors and students to speak about the serious topic that is bullying. We firstly spoke to two of their finest counselors, Aaron Chun and Jiwon Lee, who addressed the seriousness of bullying in the school.

How do you feel bullying can affect a student?- How they seem themselves

Do you feel bullying can severely affect a student’s grades?yes indeed, that is one of the main factors bullying can take an affect on a student.


How seriously do we as a school take bullying?it is taken very seriously, but at times it is complicated because at times there’s bullying we’re unaware of, mainly speaking about cyber bullying.

Do you feel bullying in high school is at higher stake than in middle school?bullying usually stays with students in middle school but by high school, students are more mature and able to handle being bullied, occasionally.


Do you feel bullying would affect a student’s perception of themself?yes, that is the main thing that affects a student, including how they interact with those around them.

Do you feel there is a big or small difference between bullying in middle school and in high school?- Yes, there’s more deepens with high schoolers, more hidden with social media


We also sat down with a student who herself experienced bullying. Madison Garrett, a senior shares her experience with bullying and how it’s affected her over the years

How has bullying affected you?- it’s resulted in anxiety and depression.

Do you feel your grades could be severely damaged due to bullying?yes they could get damaged and they have been.


How serious do you feel the school takes bullying?High school takes it more serious than middle school.


Do you feel bullying is higher at stake for high schoolers compared to middle schoolers?not anymore. Middle schoolers are starting to follow the high schoolers ways of bullying.


Has bullying affected how you see yourself?yes very much so.

Do you feel bullying has a huge or small difference between high school and middle school?A huge difference, because bullying dropped in high school but went up in middle school.


If you or someone you know is being bullied, don’t be a shadow. Report it ASAP. Tell a teacher, go to a parent, talk to a friend, go to the principal. Prevent bullying and help stop it today.