Rattle The Stars Works To Raise Suicide Awareness

The Centinal interviewed Centnnial senior,  Kaylee Bryan, about the new organization  Rattle the Stars. Rattle the Stars is a new organization to Centennial High School, that is bringing awareness to mental illnesses. 71% of people attempt suicide with one hour of deciding, and RTS wants to change that!

Why did you want to start this organization?

After my older brother, Sam Blisset, committed suicide in April, we were all pretty shocked. While we (my family and I) were aware of his depression, we had no idea it was so bad. Many of his friends and people at Centennial had to idea he was even sick at all. He was so ashamed of his depression, he didn’t want anyone to know. Right after he died, my family and I had a lot of people say they also suffered from depression, and would have reached out and talked to him if they knew. That’s when I decide to start the organization. We need to help people understand that mental illness is okay to talk about, and give people resources too.

Do you think Centennial would have made this organization if that didn’t happen?

I’m not sure. There was another Centennial student who had committed suicide a few years before my brother, and a student from Central who committed suicide a few months after. There have been several, very unfortunate, opportunities to start something like RTS, and no one else has.

What do you hope to get out of this organization?

I’m hoping that this organization helps beat the stigma around mental illness. Students shouldn’t feel ashamed of their mental disorders, and people should know that they’re okay to talk about.

Do you think that this will help a lot of people in the future, considering a lot of people aren’t very open about it.

I really hope so. Even if nothing big happens this year, I hope the organization  continues to grow and accomplish more throughout the years.

Rattle the stars meet on tuesdays after school in room 230 for anyone who is interested. If you know anyone or hear of anyone that has thoughts of suicide or have depression, call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 1-800-273-8255. You could be saving a life.