Cheerleading and Dance Team Deserve a Study Hall

Why it is that Cheerleading and Dance no longer have a study hall and when will it resume?

According to athletic director Tony Millard for the last several years, the school apparently has not been compliant with the actual wording of the state code. That was an error that was found late and last spring we tried to make sure both the high schools were in compliance with the Illinois school code and the verbiage it talks about with scholastic activities and so  Cheer and Dance’s competitive season is technically October 24th to February 4th.

I am a member of the cheerleading team. We practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We are practicing dangerous stunts from 6:00 to 8:30. We also cheer at football games from 4- 10. 13.5 hours a week we are strictly dedicated to cheer. And now we have to wait a month for us to finally have a class that will help us keep up with our homework and studying. Other girls on the team have told me about how it’s hard to go home after school, get there around four and then come back around 5:30-6. Also we put so much dedication into those three hours. I personally get there at 5:30 to help Jv and work on whatever I feel like I’m lacking in at the moment. I will come to practice and maybe I feel like I could work on my jumps so I would stretch and do maybe 20 jumps and if another coach is there I would listen to their criticism and fix what they say. Also at home I am constantly working on cheers for the game.

Cheer is not something you can go in to hoping you could not do anything and be a part of the team. It takes time and dedication. I tried out for the team and I thought it could be something small and fun. And then I saw girls doing flips and different types of tumbling and that’s when I knew I wanted to be part of the team. I work hard after practices to better my tumbling. And that took out more of my time. We need this study hall because we are dedicating time and effort to be the best for our school and our teams. Study hall will help us be the best at our SPORT and the best in school.