Grant Thurman and Boys Soccer Shoot for the Goal

Grant Thurman is a Senior at Centennial High School and is a varsity soccer player.  You can see the Chargers in action at their next home game on October 4th against Normal Community. Make sure you make it out there to support our Centennial Chargers boys!

How  were the tryouts ?

Fifty people showed up.   The tryouts were pretty difficult.   We had to run a timed mile and did a lot of things things to show our strength.  We scrimmaged a lot and always did a lot of sprints.  

What are you looking forward to this season ?

Winning and having consistent hard good effort games.  Also playing against Central.

How are your teammates ?

We have an emotional group of guys that love to play the game.  Sometime their emotions get in the way but I think we are doing a good job playing together.