Interview with Spanish Teacher – Amber Behrends.

Amber Behrends is the new Spanish teacher.  Behrends went to the U of I.  She student taught at Charleston, IL and is now happy to be here at Centennial. 


What made you want to become a teacher?

“My Spanish 4 teacher told me that I should become a teacher or aerobics instructor”.

Why did you become a Spanish teacher, why not another subject?

“I studied abroad in Spain and loved the language and the culture, and wanted to share it with students”.

Are you from Illinois? Why did you decide on going to the U of I?

“ I am from Mattoon, Illinois. I’ve always came here for basketball games, and some of my family went to the U of I”.

What are some of your interest outside of teaching? 

“ I love to cook and bake, run. My husband and I love to play golf”

Is this the first time you and your husband (William Berhands – Social Science Teacher) have worked together?

“ No, we have worked together before in Mattoon High School.”