A new life in America – Manan Patel

The Centinal interviewed a student from India, a freshman at  Centennial, and his name is Manan Patel.  He has been here in the U.S for one year already.

I asked him why did he move to the U.S. He responded back by saying that he moved here because his family lives here and his parents wanted him to come here for a better education and for more opportunities. I also asked him if he spoke English when he first got here.  He said he didn’t understand anything even though they teach them English in school back in India but coming here in america English sounded different he had difficulties to communicate with people but it only took him 2 or 3 months to start understanding.  He moved to Champaign because he has relatives here in Champaign.

 We also talked about the difference between American and Indian schools. “In India they didn’t allow phones in school but here it is okay to have your phone in school” said Manan while I was asking him questions he also added “ You can’t talk back to your teacher”or else you’ll end getting in trouble but here we see it almost everyday.

 He’s a freshman in Centennial High school but he’s already thinking about his future. He said attending college will be his next step right after high school. He wants to study in the major of business so that he can be a businessman. He also added that he’ll like to work in both countries the U.S and India he’s thinking of going back but not forever.