Police Shootings


Yes, there has been a lot of shootings that involve the police, some documented and some not, but you’d be surprised that the main race showed on media isn’t supposed to be  the main race being terminated.

A study shows that between May 2, 2013 – April 8, 2015 782 whites, 464 black’s, 302 Hispanics and 26 Asians have been killed by police..(www.copinthehood.com) Altogether that is 1,574 people killed by police between a two year time period which is too much overall. February and march have been seen as the deadliest months of police shootings and each month is about up to 100 shootings made by police. That’s about 22 people each week being shot down by police. The year of 2016 isn’t over yet and already 865 people weather unarmed, mentally ill and or people of color have died at the hands of police and a total of 776  have all been shot and killed.( www.thinkprogress.org ) What was interesting about the previous numbers is they only put one out of three of the main races being killed off by police officers and those are African Americans and Native Americans. While Native Americans only make up 0.8 percent of America’s population they make up 1.9 percent of police shootings untold.

The reason for their stories not being told is because things like that don’t draw attention or enough diversity for the government’s liking. This is controlled by media, showing movements like #BLACKLIVESMATTER and not #NATIVELIVESMATTER.  ( thefreethoughtproject.com ) The states with the most killing so far in the year of 2016 are California, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Alaska and the district of Colombia.( countercurrentnews.com ) At the end of the day we now know media only shows what they want, we were never aware that in between a two year period one thousand lives were taken away. Whether they are terrorist, bystanders, activist, an ex con or someone who threatened the police these numbers are just too high to be comfortable with in any situation.