Meatball Club Meets at Centennial

The new Meatball Club is run by Centennial Senior Senia Hernandez. She got this idea from a friend that lives in Oklahoma and thought that it would be a great idea to introduce this club to Centennial students.

First to start off this club they will begin with a meeting to discuss what type of meatball they will have and then vote on it for the next meeting. After that then they will spend time trying to find the ingredients of the meatball. The meatballs will be made in Centennial’s food room and will start making them there, and the last Monday of every month they will have meatball Mondays where they will actually eat the meatballs.

Anyone can join this club, anyone that enjoys meatballs and eating this would be the perfect club for you. This is one of those clubs where you can just come and hang out and have a great time with you friends. This club is different from the clubs that are in Centennial because it’s not exclusive and you don’t have to have a certain criteria to be included. You also get to learn about different cultures, and will have different meatballs from around the world.  Pay attention to the Centennial announcements to see when the first meeting will happen.