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Why School Should Have Later Start Times

Many students in Centennial High School would agree that coming to school can be difficult at times because of how hard it is to wake up in the morning. In response to the bad reputation that students get for being tired in class, I believe that we should have later start times. This would be beneficial in many ways. Students would be more awake during class, have better focus and maintain their grades more easily. It is unrealistic to expect teenagers to be able to be up so early in the morning and still have the ability to function and concentrate as if they were well-rested and prepared for learning.

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Illinois Basketball: Are John Groce’s Days Numbered?

After the fifth road loss of the season, the Illini fell to 13-10 overall and 3-7 in conference play. In the five road games Illinois has played, they have lost by 23, 16, 25, nine, and four, respectively. Read more »