Put Away Your Cell Phone For Pocket Points


Pocket points are taking over phones, people are spreading the word like a virus, free foooooddddd.!!! Free Food? FREE FOOOOD!! Is usually all the kids can hear because who doesn’t want to save their hard working or their parents hard working money to get the best kinds of food they already like to buy.

Just for paying attention to class, something you should do by the way, staying off your phone, and keeping it locked on the app the points start to add up every 20 minutes, loading in a kind of present. Every time you open back your phone they keep you tracked on how many points you earned. They even double your points on Tuesday making you want to stay off your phone even more. It’s like a competition with your peers on who can get the most points, you can see everyone’s points. All you need is an email and a current school, centennial students tune in,  and you’re in to start to earn your Pocket Points.

If parents could have a system like this they would probably go wild on what their kid would be doing. Probably playing outside, cleaning up, or spending quality time with them. This should hopefully improve grades, keep control of cyber bullying if nobody is interested in the inner web, and keep children out of trouble who usually get sent out because of phones. If you have all eyes in a classroom it is much easier than trying to get 5 of your students to take off their headphones or get off their phone. Technology continues to improve into things that humans can really use in their everyday life and if we continue to challenge people to stay off their phones at different times we could save lives, bring more attention, become more observant of our surroundings and not be blinded by someone’s words on social media. Thanks Pocket Points for helping students get back in the groove, go download today!