College and Career Center is Open

Aaron Chun runs the college and career center where students can go and get information on colleges you are looking at. He can also help you with choosing a career you want to go into. Chun should be in the office most of the time throughout the school day.

If you ever want to visit a college he will be able to tell you how and when to go visit. He normally comes into your English class at the beginning of your semester so if you have any questions you can ask and he will answer it. I asked him when students are able talk to him and he said “Whenever they have the time they can make an appointment and I will come find you.”

Students that are getting close to finishing their high school careers are moving on to the next chapter of their life which is college if they decide enroll in one. But before they decide to go to the college they want to go to they might want to see it and that is what college visits are for. The next question Chun answered was when is the best time for a student to visits colleges and he said “The earlier the better so like sophomore year to give you a general idea about college”. He also said that colleges are coming to visit Centennial soon and it will be announced a week before they come.

For a student to get into a college they have to apply and it can take a while for them to reply and tell you if you got into the college or if you didn’t. They shouldn’t apply for a college at the end of their senior year because they might have an essay they have to write for their application and it can take some time. I asked Chun when should students apply for college and he said “applications open in August but a lot of schools have essays when you apply so you should do it as early as you can.”

Students can reach out to Chun by signing up in the Junior/Senior Center to get information about a college. But if he is not there and you really want to know about it he said “there is a college and career website for everyone that has a calendar of when colleges are coming to centennial”. and you can get information on careers you want to get into and colleges you want to go to.