Video Game Club

Video Game Club meets every Friday from 3:30-4:30 in Room 235 (find later). After starting a little over a year ago, the club is finally starting to expand from its original state. While video games are a huge media with thousands of amazing titles, Video Game Club almost exclusively focuses on the fighting game Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. The reason for this is fairly simple, most local multiplayer games cap at 4 players, but Smash 4 offers an 8 player mode, meaning twice as many people can play at once. The club has gone under the banner of Video Game Club for a little over a year now, but when it was created around 2 years ago, it had a completely different purpose.

The origins of Video Game Club are rather unique.  It was not created with the intention of just playing Smash Bros. According to Alexander Dalton, who has been with the club for over a year, ¨…it started as chess club originally and eventually just became chess club and video games happening at the same time and then chess got more and more phased out until it was just Video Game Club.¨ From my experience at the meetings, no one seems to miss chess, and greatly prefer this new direction.

Despite the fact that Video Game Club has been around for a decent amount of time and is centered around an incredibly popular series, the club is still pretty small. Attendance ranges from 10-11 people, and this is likely to blame on the lack of advertising. When asked how he and his friends found out about the club, Dalton stated, ¨People don’t really advertise, I found out about it because I was interested in chess originally…then well I stopped playing chess there and I just started playing Video Games. I told a lot of people and that’s how a lot of my friends found out.” I can attest to the lack of advertising as I found out about Video Game Club from my math teacher who holds a supervised study after school across the hall from Room 235.

While the club is still relatively small, that does not mean there are no plans to expand. When asked about the future of Video Game Club, Dalton stated ¨There’s already going to be two copies of the same console so we could be open to having two different games played at the same time or doing an online match with one set of people on one system and one set of people playing on the other.” Several members of Video Game Club have offered to donate systems, games and controllers so everyone is always able to play.  

One fact about Video Game Club that is hard to get to the bottom of is who is currently the best player. When asked, Dalton seemed unsure, he stated, “Probably Mr. Camacho, maybe Jack, he did win the tournament. It’s either Jack or Mr. Camacho honestly.” The tournament he is referring to took place in mid May, on the last day of Video Game Club before summer vacation. After several 1-versus-1 matches of Smash Bros, a rarity at Video Game Club, a winner was finally crowned, and that winner was me! A few days later Mr. Camacho presented me with a cute, 3D printed trophy featuring the only fighter I use: Kirby. Even though I won the tournament, it is clear that Mr. Camacho is the better player. He wins about 90% of the time and besting him is seen as one of the greatest challenges of Video Game Club.

Video Game Club is not hard to get into. There are no signups or mandatory meetings, anyone can pop in to Room 235, on Friday from 3:30-4:30 and play some quick, fun matches with friends. However, if you stay till the bitter end, be prepared to help clean up.