Centennial’s Soccer Team

This year’s Varsity soccer team and Junior Varsity teams are looking really good . Jv is coached by Nick Cooks and  Varsity is coached by Jim Meissen. The Varsity soccer team is 2A. Jim Meissen (Varsity coach) said “We have lots of depth this year in all positions” . This helps the team because this gives more people the opportunity to play and helps the people that was on the field get off and get a quick brake.

The team is the best it has  been in years and we have a high chance of making it to state this year. The team is mostly seniors and juniors for varsity and jv is the lower classmen. We practice everyday after school 4-6 .Meissen said  “The boys are looking very confident and organized this year ”.

We are looking forward for the tournaments and all the support from the crowd and fans /parents during the games. Games usually start at 4:00 for Jv and 6:00 for Varsity on weekdays . Meissen said “The goal for the season is a winning record, bring postseason hardware and when a tournament .”

The games are mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, We have them on Wednesdays only occasionally . The next home game is on Wednesday September 6th and next away game is on Thursday September 7th. If you have any questions about the schedule it is on the school website.