Expressions Choir

Choir this year is directed by Marian Wyatt, who’s been directing for a little over 30 years. She has many goals for this years’ Expressions Choir Class. Expressions choir this year will be doing a lot of fun and exciting things this year. Also including Illini Fridays.


Illini Fridays are mostly about sharing music with others. As Wyatt would say “I love how music speaks all languages. And I want to share it with others”. Going to different communities and sharing the language of music that speaks through everyone.


We also have choir concerts Oct. 12th, Dec. 7th, Feb. 8th, and May 10th. Choir class has changed in a couple of ways and it’s going to be really exciting to see them perform this year. “The demographic has changed! More minority students, and more seniors!”


The ultimate goal for this years expressions would be just to sound better this year than last year. “Every year we want to sound better!”. Wyatt has many things planned for this years’ Expressions to make class of 2018 better than ever!