Marching Chargers

The Centennial band is known school wide for its performances at football and basketball games. As well as performing at school games, they also go to competitions where they are judged on both playing as well as marching as a group.

Grace Neale has been a part of the Centennial band all three years she has been here and is currently going on her fourth. She is part of the marching band and plays flute. She loves playing at football games because “Football games are less formal, meaning your uniform doesn’t have to be perfect, if you don’t have your marching shoes, you can just wear black shoes, and you have more fun at football games because you aren’t winning or losing, you’re just having fun.”

Competitions are a lesser known part of band. Many do not know that our band even competes. Grace says “Competitions are in Saturday’s and they involve watching other bands, rehearsing, doing clinics, warming up, and performing.” this is why most often people do not know about them.

Joining the band is easy “Anyone can get involved, you can start in 7th hour and if you’ve never played an instrument, the following year you can move up to second and third hour band, and join marching band.” This allows for anyone to learn and instrument, and within a year you can join the marching band.