Anti-Bullying Club #LiveLikeLuke

In memory of Luke. Last year around spring the anti-bullying club was started because Luke Miller who had experienced bullying passed away. This club is sponsored by Centennial Archery Coach Lenz who is now working in the library. The club was started by Centennial seniors who were tired of bullying being a problem in our society: Haylie Denzer, Dylan Chambers, and Lexi Alves.

They meet Tuesday mornings at 7:30 starting next week in the IMC . Everyone is encouraged to come and give their voice and opinion about bullying in our school and our society.

“ Our goal is to create a family environment in centennial. We want to reach out to all students who are hurting and give them a place to talk with others who are hurting a well. I believe that the student body can help by embracing the idea that we are a family.” said Chambers.

“We want to make Centennial a safe space for everyone, even future students. We don’t just want to hear about the issues we want to make a difference in each person’s life. We hope to open the eyes of fellow peers and show them what they say and do have an affect on others.”according to Alves

Please come to the meeting to learn how you can make our school and community a better place. #LiveLikeLuke.