Centennial Girl’s Swimming

Swimming is a full body workout that you can either do recreationally at a public pool, or competitively with high school or year-round team. Centennial High School is home to two time sectional champions: the girl’s swim team. The group of eleven girls meet nine times over the course of the week to either lift weights or swim at the school’s pool, which they have to also share with Central.

Courtney Lehmann is the head coach of the girl’s team, and has lots of plans for the close group of girls. “My personal goals for them are to be connected and almost be a family unit.” Lehmann says. “My second one, is to win conference, win sectionals, and I would personally love to see at least one relay go to state, and have a few individual swimmers (go to state too).” Her attitude towards winning seems to have rubbed off on the swimmers, as they’re getting best in-practice times on a daily basis, and their attitudes towards victory in both dual and bigger meets is outstanding.

“We work really hard and put in a lot of effort.” Says Pranali Vani, a junior at Centennial, who has been swimming for all her three years of high school. Lizzie Gile, a different junior then continues for her teammate, stating: “It’s a lot harder than you think.”

After viewing one practice, anybody would believe them, as their practices consist of multiple sets, totaling up to three miles every day. Despite the incredibly difficult practices, their attitudes towards the sport remain the same, but their views on how much attention they get says otherwise.

When asked how much attention the team gets, a senior, Isabelle Seten says “Not as much as we should. We’re kinda upset about it, and the publicity at the school sucks.” The others nod, even the newest addition to the team, Kaitlyn Lassy, nods her head.

The girls then say that they wish more people would support them. To do this, you can come out to the meets, or simply just wish them good luck as you pass them in the halls, seeing that support is what really helps them.

“I want to drop time and swim faster with better technique.” Lassy states. The entire team is looking forward to their first meet against Urbana, and as a sophomore shouts, they’re going to take a W.