Centennial’s M+th Team

The math team is basically a team of students that like math. The students  on the math team meet weekly to solve problems, learn about new things, and practice for competition throughout the year.

The math team is challenging depending on what’s going on or the competition. The biggest competition throughout the year is February when the students get a chance to go far and go to state. There are different problems for all sorts of levels.

If people want to join the math team it’s simple. Just go to the meetings on Tuesdays at 3:30 in room 240 or ask math teacher Betsy Alderman.  Students like being on the math team because they like solving problems and like math. Also like being around the people that enjoy the same thing.

Every week students practice on the math team by investigating problems from previous years. Also listening to mini lectures on cool topics, and researching ways to solve certain types of problems. If you want to join it’s up to you!