Cheer Team

As the new year rolls in the cheer team starts back up again, I asked Brianna West, a cheerleader here at Centennial for 4 years , what was a typical day at practice is like? She replied, “We stretch for about 15 minutes, then we go over sidelines and that can take a while then we go to our stunt groups and stunt for the rest of the night.”

Who’s in charge of the Varsity/Jv teams? “Mel is the overall coach but she is also the coach for varsity and Virginia is the coach for JV.”

I then asked her what happens during competitions and she said, “It’s typically on Saturday and Sunday’s and it’s a long day,  we get there 2 hours before we perform, it’s a lot of work”.

She explained how she balances school and practice and she said she goes home does some of her work then goes to practice, comes home and finishes her work. They also go out of town for competitions.

They don’t start competitions until December but you guys will be seeing them during football and basketball games during the year.