Fuel up at the Snack Cart

What is the Centennial Snack Cart? The Centennial Sack Cart is  run by our school’s Functional Life Skills program. The students, along with one of the special education teachers, travels the hallway second and seventh hour, going to each classroom selling snacks to students and staff, but why?

We asked a couple of the students that run the snack cart why they do it. One of the students said “[If the students] get hungry, they can get food”. Definitely a good reason, but the main reason for the snack cart is that when students buy snacks from the snack cart, you are helping the special needs program at the same time. How? Your money helps fund their program and you’re helping the students with social skills and helping them become more comfortable interacting with other students. The idea of the snack cart came to Centennial High School 8 years ago from a student teacher, named Mr. Blood.

So, How can Centennial students help support the snack cart?

“Buy lots of snacks” -Michael

We got to ask the students running the snack cart how they feel running it, they all said they love it and they love the snacks at the end.


Special thanks to Michael, Courtney, Josh and Mrs. Davies for the interview