Charger Fans Motivate the Football Team

     Centennial Chargers football is something we all know and love. Centennial football has always been a favorite for Centennial students. This year the Chargers are looking to be a really good team and a team that has success. In order to do that however, there going to need  tons of support from fans and all that are involved with Centennial.

       As I interviewed one of the members of the football team Collin Klien, he said that the main goal is to make a playoff run this year and to make a great season happen (one to remember). One thing he said that stuck out was “we were projected to go 2-7 this season and that has motivated us to do something special this season”. It seems that everyone on the team is confident enough to where they think they can make something special happen this season.

       When I asked Collin how much do the fans contribute to the success you guys have? He said “it motivates us to compete and to play hard since no one wants to lose with a big crowd behind them”. I think this quote really stuck out from him because he’s stating how much the fans really do contribute and how much they help. 

        The thing I think is most important is to realize what impact and focus the fans give to the players and to realize how much more competitive players become once they feel the vibe from the crowd and feel the intense nature of the crowd. I feel that it just motivates them that much more.  Charger football plays tonight (Friday 9/15) on our home field.  Come on out and cheer them on!