The Cubs are Set to Go all the Way

It’s October and that means MLB Playoffs! and the remaining teams as of now are the Cubs, Yankees, Dodgers, and the Astros. The teams that I think are going to the World Series are the Yankees and the Cubs. The team that will win the World Series is the Cubs although they are down 0-2 against the Dodgers. I have been a Cubs fan since I started watching baseball and because my family are fans too.

Right now the Yankees are down 1-2 to the Astros but in the third game they weren’t looking to lose. In the bottom of the Second inning the Yankees were up to bat and Todd Frazier hit a three run home run to give them a 3-0 score. In the bottom of the fourth the Astros still haven’t scored and the Yankees got another score off an RBI from Chase Headley then Todd Frazier ran home from 3rd base after a wild pitch to give the Yankees a 5-0 advantage. Later in the fourth inning Aaron Judge who is a MVP candidate hit a three run home run for the Yankees which gave them an 8-0 lead. Heading into the ninth inning the score was the same and the Astros scored off a walk but they ended up getting out so they lost 8-1.

Game two for the Cubs and Dodgers it was a slow start for both teams because no team could score. At the top of the fifth the score was tied 0-0 and the Cubs ended scoring a point by Addison Russell hitting a homerun. The Dodgers returned the favor by getting an RBI from Justin Turner. After the fifth inning neither team could score and it was going into the ninth inning the and the Cubs need a single run to take the lead but they all got out. The Dodgers need to score one run to win the game and the Dodgers have two runners on base. Justin Turner was up to bat with two outs and on the first swing he hits it out for a homerun to give the Dodgers a 2-0 lead in the series.

Nyko England a student at Centennial wants the Cubs to win because he has been a fan his whole life and ever since he was you young they were a losing team until recently and he loves to see them win. In my mind I think the Cubs can still win because anything is possible and they came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Indians last year to win the World Series.