Play With Ping Pong Club

Ever heard of Ping Pong Club? It was just created by a freshman last year, Angela Xu. She’s a sophomore now and looking forward to a whole year of ping pong. Even with it being started just a few months before school ended last year, they now have over 80 people in the club, around 50 coming every week.

You don’t need to pay anything to join, and it can be your first time playing ping pong. This is a club to have fun and make friends after school every week. If you’re interested in coming, Ping Pong Club meets Mondays in the cafeteria from 3:30 to 4:30; you can drop in just for a few minutes if you want. Everyone is welcome, even teachers and staff!

Last year they had a tournament setup that raised a lot of money for the club. This year, there will be more tournaments and perhaps different fundraisers. The money goes to new ping pong paddles, balls, nets, and maybe even a new table.

Everyone in the club seems to be having a blast, and that was Xu’s goal. When asked why she created the club, she said, “I wanted an easy way for people to make friends and just hang out.”

She had to add that ping pong is also just plain fun. Drop in anytime you’re available because there’s always room for another person ready to have fun with friends!