Centennial Ends Tough but Outrageous Football Season

Centennial football had a good year overall, it was kind of a tough season but they did the best they could scoring touchdowns and making the news a few times.  They ended with a record of 2-9. Most of the seniors didn’t like it but they’re just going to continue their season in college hopefully and the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen that played can try again next year because now they have that experience that can get them far.

I interviewed Centennial’s football player Trevon Lewis. He talked about mostly everything I needed to know. Many players on the team are trying to continue their football career in college and there’s a lot of them with scholarships waiting until they graduate to continue.

Lewis said he enjoyed the season but once it got to the end he didn’t. That was only because he was unable to play the last two games. He also said if he could play another year he would because he enjoyed it and they’re getting better jerseys/uniforms. Their football record wasn’t that good, he said it was because of the injuries and not enough strength; that was also one of the reasons they didn’t make the playoffs.