Opinion: The Dress Code at Centennial Should Change

I personally hate the dress code mainly because it’s just another reason for students and teachers not to get along.

Not getting along with your teacher is essential for some students, mainly because if you don’t like that teacher you’re just like ‘oh I’m not doing that’ or ‘oh she’s not right because she doesn’t know what she’s doing’. Some kids have to have a good relationship with their teacher to learn. One example is that kids would intentionally put on their hood just so they can get sent out or home. About sending kids home or bothering parents at work – sending kids back on a bus  is a problem-students are missing school over clothes  

Some schools do send kids home if their clothes are not up to code or if they can’t cover up with a jacket or something. First you have a fight/argument with your teacher, which messes with your day.  Second you have no way of getting home, what if your mom and dad are at work and can’t come get you? What if you have to walk in the cold rain, snow, or whatever weather. Third it messes up your whole day you are just mad all day because of that one thing. Fourth, you call your parents away from work, pull you out of class, and plus you’re mad.  Fifth, you waste more time changing and miss the rest of your class and the first 10-15 minutes of your next class just because of clothes.

If anything most of the rules happened because something happened like, yes we already had a rule of no hoods in school but now they really enforce it, and most of the other ‘codes’ are not enforced as much as the others.    Okay some of the dress code can be upheld but the hat, jewelry, and garments that depicting alcohol, tobacco or whatever is a form of freedom.   What if that is the only thing they have left to wear because it’s laundry day?  Some parents do wait to do laundry one day a week and you are low on outfits and other things.

 Think about teasing from peers and how clothing can affect that.  Like a girl having a bad hair day and is forced to come to school by her parents. Kids are ruthless: they tease, pick, and point making matters and said girl’s day goes from bad to worse in a matter of 15 minutes before she can even get into the building. Hats and hoods really I don’t mind if people wear them.  Security at the school should be tighter, all the hall monitors are here and they should be able to tell if someone is out of place and can ask for their id.  Some girls or guys do wear their hoods because of a bad hair day.  Hoods don’t cause problems in class.

Kids are ruthless what do you think should happen here at Centennial.  Yes – there should be a dress code. There are some things that are inappropriate – but girls should also be allowed to wear belly shirts – as long as they are at least 2 inches below your bra.   


The school has bigger things to focus on rather than a student’s clothes.  They need to focus on the education of the students.