A Look at Principal Riegler

  This year Centennial was greeted with a new principal, Brian Riegler, and I know we have all had questions about what he plans on changing in the school.  Riegler sat down with me and answered a few questions about himself and our school.

  First a little bit about our principal. He didn’t really plan on becoming a principal, his college girlfriend’s father was a teacher and after he got back from serving in the military during Desert Storm he had sort of a gap so he went to school with the father to see him teach.  When he went he watched  a couple of classes and they were talking about war, and Riegler was thinking “Man I just got back from there.” The teacher told Riegler that he had to go do something and to get the next class into a discussion. Riegler was the teacher for the next 30 minutes. The teacher then popped his head in and smiled and that’s when Riegler realized he had been set up. That’s what really got him into teaching. After teaching for a couple of years the district expanded and he became a dean, which lead him into becoming a principal. Riegler really cares about his students. He still stays in contact with some of his past students. He was really inspired by his high school dean and he tries to lead us like his dean lead his class.

  As you may have noticed Riegler has been pushing school spirit a lot, “I think about my school experience. When I went back and taught at my old high school some of the teachers said your class was the loudest, craziest, most school spirit class we have ever had. It was the 80’s and we dressed up, we went to football games, basketball games, I mean what else were you supposed to do? I asked how he plans on increasing attendance at games. Riegler said “ Well you guys have to start winning.” When he got the job they did start to win and people showed up to more games.

During the interview I also asked him what things he doesn’t tolerate in the school. He said “I don’t tolerate bullying or disrespect towards others.  We are trying to change that in the school. We want Centennial to be a safe environment for students and teachers. We want to start with freshman because that’s where the most amount of change can happen.”

In this interview I learned that Riegler really cares about the student body and wants us to achieve our goals. He wants to make the school a better place for everyone. I think we can expect him to do great things as our principal.