The Best Christmas Movies

What do you think the best Christmas movie is? Everyone has a different opinion on what the best Christmas movie is. The only movies that should be considered the best are, Elf ( 2003 ), A Christmas Story ( 1983 ), Home Alone 1 & 2 ( 1990 & 1992 ), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation ( 1989 ), A Charlie Brown Christmas ( 1965 ), The Polar Express ( 2004 ), The Grinch ( 2000 ), The Santa Clause ( 1994 ), A Christmas Carol ( 2009 ). Out of those 10 movies, Rotten Tomatoes rated, A Charlie Brown Christmas at 92%.

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Illinois Men’s Basketball is Slowly Improving

With a new head coach Illini men’s basketball is starting their season off 7-4 which is giving their fans hope that they can have a winning season. I feel like Illini can have a great season this year if they can just finish strong at the end of their games because their three losses they have ended up within a seven point difference. But if they can finish the preseason strong and have a good conference record they will make it to the NCAA tournament.

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: By Far The Best Film I’ve Seen In Years

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is the first film of 2017 that I can call amazing. With so many big releases this year ranging from average to disappointing, it feels great to walk out of a theater nearly 100% satisfied. Three Billboards centers around Mildred Hayes, played by Frances McDormand, who’s daughter was raped and murdered nearly a year ago. After seven months of silence from the local police Mildred, still obviously recovering from the loss of her daughter, takes it upon herself to put the case back in the public eye. Mildred buys up three run down billboards and plasterers the messages, “raped while dying.” “and still no arrests.” and “How come, Chief Willoughby?” This obvious sparks outrage in the quiet town of Ebbing, Missouri from not only the local police, but also everyday citizens. That is all I want to give away.

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Should Finals Be Mandatory?

I believe that finals should be optional. Image you are a straight-A student who hasn’t gotten lower than a 90 on any major grade yet this semester. You do your assignments right when they are given, and understand all of the concepts that you are taught. You just completed an extra credit assignment that will bring your 98.9% to a 100%. You hear about the packet final that is going to be sitting on your desk during finals week and you instantly get nervous. You fear that your hard earned “A” being lowered to a “B” or even worse, a “C”. You know there is a lot riding on this test, and you are willing to study, but you just find it unfair to risk all of your semester’s hard work on one test.

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