Illinois Men’s Basketball is Slowly Improving

With a new head coach Illini men’s basketball is starting their season off 7-4 which is giving their fans hope that they can have a winning season. I feel like Illini can have a great season this year if they can just finish strong at the end of their games because their three losses they have ended up within a seven point difference. But if they can finish the preseason strong and have a good conference record they will make it to the NCAA tournament.

As I was saying earlier they are starting their season off great but the losses they have should be wins. Illini have averaged 82.9 points per game with only letting other teams allow 72.8 points per game. Guard Aaron Jordan is shooting one of the best three point percentage in the nation right now with a .604.

Illini have some tough matchups this year and one of the games coming up is against Missouri. It’s a rival game so both teams are going to come out and play their hardest but hopefully Illinois can come out with a win. Another strong team we are going to play is Michigan State on January twenty second and as of right now they are ranked second in the nation.  

Classmate Nyko England thinks that they will be a tournament team they have a lot of upside. Nyko is confident that they will be really good in a few years. Nyko’s favorite player is Leron Black, because he plays hard and is really physical. Nyko thinks the new coach is good because he is teaching them to play hard.

My final thoughts on this team is that they are just getting started and that they are going to get better and better within the years so if they don’t make it to the NCAA tournament this season they will very soon.