The Best Christmas Movies

What do you think the best Christmas movie is? Everyone has a different opinion on what the best Christmas movie is. The only movies that should be considered the best are, Elf ( 2003 ), A Christmas Story ( 1983 ), Home Alone 1 & 2 ( 1990 & 1992 ), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation ( 1989 ), A Charlie Brown Christmas ( 1965 ), The Polar Express ( 2004 ), The Grinch ( 2000 ), The Santa Clause ( 1994 ), A Christmas Carol ( 2009 ). Out of those 10 movies, Rotten Tomatoes rated, A Charlie Brown Christmas at 92%.

I asked a few people about what their favorite Christmas movie is. English teacher Ms. McQueen said her favorite movie is Elf. I also asked a few Seniors here at Centennial what their favorite movie is. Treyvon Lewis said his favorite movie is Home Alone. Senior Shawn Jones and Nyko England agreed that their favorite movie is The Grinch.

Some of the Christmas Movies that came out during my generation ( 2000’s ) would be, The Grinch ( 2000 ), Elf ( 2003 ), The Polar Express ( 2004 ), A Christmas Carol ( 2009). If I had to pick a favorite movie. My favorite Christmas Movie would be The Polar Express. When I was older, the movie Elf made its way to my list. Depending on when you grew up, I think that would have some influence on what your favorite movie would be.