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This week we are celebrating the life of Centennial student Luke Miller.  Luke’s legacy is one of friendship and good deeds. Share the positivity on social media with the hashtag #livelikeluke  Get on your favorite social media platform and shout out what makes your friends great, something nice a friend has done for you or a good deed that you want to tell the world about.  Be sure to tag #livelikeluke



Ready Player One: Good, But Not Great

I like many was skeptical about Ready Player One from the first trailer. The film centered around a contest taking place inside the virtual reality world of The Oasis seemed to mark the point where 80s nostalgia went too far. After the success of Stranger Things, and It, a book based entirely around 80s pop culture seemed like a no brainer to adapt into a feature film. The difference is Stranger Things and It used nostalgia as more of backdrop to tell a unique story with lovable characters, Ready Player One one the other hand seemed to use it as a crutch. However, despite its lackluster script and performances, Ready Player One proves that Spielberg still knows how to direct an charming, fun and entertaining action film.

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