Centennial’s Exhausting Fight for a First Win

By: Kvion Lott and Nelchael Amang

The Centennial Chargerś Football team is off to a rough start. After a tough first game loss to Peoria Central, they were defeated again in a rivalry game against Central a week later. Although the losses are bad, it’s how much they are losing by that’s having everyone doubting the team’s ability. Reporter Kvion Lott Interviewed coach Jackson, and this is what he had to say: 

Lott: “Do you have any big goals for the team this year?”

Coach Jackson: “offensively, not get turnovers. Defensively, cause turnovers. We also need to increase attendance to at least 85% for workouts. And finally, we want to create a culture throughout the program and give the kids something to take away from football.”

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Lott: “Are you and the team ready to bounce back after the two losses?”

Coach Jackson: “Absolutely, every day we focus on getting better. Every day, we know we’re building for the program so we are working on bouncing back. This week has been our best week by far on the practice field. We’re looking a lot better.”

Hopefully Coach Jackson is right and the Centennial Football team uses these two losses as motivation for the rest of the season. The whole school will be supporting the team throughout the rest of the season. Hopefully that first win will come soon. The next home game will be against Urbana High School on October 5th.

One thought on “Centennial’s Exhausting Fight for a First Win”

  1. What happened? 96 points? I am a former starting QB 70, Wes Davis coach, 17 wins in a row, state ranked! What an insult to my High School to name our field after Stewart. I started the movement to rename the field to Stewart/Davis field. Unit 4 informed me that is not a possibility. Approximately 500 former Chargers football players have no interest to support the program named after Central Head coach. Davis called the offense and Stewart the defense, that’s why we were ranked in the top 10 our second year as a school. Stewart/Davis families were best friends. My movement which involved the News Gazette and former players tried to make it a “Champaign Strong” symbology not a who is better image. We got a street sign. Not good enough from Unit 4 and insulting. Davis dedicated his free time making sure our field was ready for us players. The statement of it was never Centennial field is stupid, misleading and completely a slap in the face of all us former Chargers. Just an fyi, I was also the first ever winner for Centennial baseball, defeating Danville 4-0 as pitcher and sophomore. I was all-city as a Junior and senior, honorable mention by the IHSA and Charger cum laude as athlete of the month of May 1970. I was also one of two first 3 year Letterman in baseball. It’s been 50 years since all that above mentioned information but I am hoping Centennial will do the right move and start referring to the field as Stewart/Davis field. Just a little humor, I found out I was a trendsetter LOL. I kept my players loose. I surprised coach Davis by painting the bottom of my shoes white. Coach asked me before our pregame pep talk “what are you doing now Strohl “?. I responded “all they are going to see is the bottom of my shoes”. Eventually Coach let me do the whole shoe. Coach Davis liked the look so well he bought the whole team white shoes after I graduated 😂😂😂 Go Chargers on Stewart/Davis field. Sincerely, Bob Strohl class of 70, baseball/football

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