Dangers of Vaping

By Johnny Nham & Sana Khan

An individual in Illinois passed away from vaping on September 3rd of 2019. The individual was hospitalized with severe respiratory illnesses and later died.  That is the first of seven known cases, where an individual has died related to vaping.

Vaping was meant to help smokers switch to an alternative e-cigarette, to help lessen their use of smoking. But vaping has become very popular with teenagers, as most believe it’s actually better than smoking, but vaping is equally as dangerous as smoking. E-cigarettes are targeted towards teens, with commercials and different flavors, making it seem like vaping is fun. Peer pressure also caused an increase in vaping. 

Through an anonymous source, we received information from a former vaper, who is also a senior at Centennial. 

Throughout his interview, the individual stated that they started vaping because of peer pressure, and wanting to fit in. The individual also stated that they found vaping enjoyable. The individual had eventually stopped vaping, due to the fear of all the news about vaping. 

We also informed the individual about how someone in Illinois had died due to vaping. The individual believed that vaping was a dangerous substance and that it scared them, that they took part in something that potentially killed another person. 

Supposedly, vaping is better than smoking, which may be true for former smokers.  Yet this little fact has misled many young individuals to believe that vaping is safe and that they should do it.

The fact of the matter is, there have been vaping related Illnesses rising across the country.  The death of the individual from Illinois who died from vaping may not be the last, only time will tell