ratings Of Lunch restaurants

During sixth hour lunch, juniors and seniors have 50 minutes on most weekdays to eat lunch at a location of their choosing.  Some students will stay at school while others will go home. However the highlight of open lunch is being able to order food from one of many great restaurants nearby.  When getting food, students are looking for a meal that is cheap yet filling, and something that’s fast yet well made. There are also many people that do not have cars, and are limited to the restaurants that are within a reasonable walking distance. 

Looking at the surrounding area, there are many solid options, but which restaurant is the best? Which restaurant is the most popular, and which is the least popular? To answer this question, there will be a rating system out of 5, and will be taking quality and distance from Centennial into account and the restaurants listed are restaurants in a relatively close vicinity to Centennial High School, so restaurants such as Wendy’s will not be rated.

  1. Jimmy Johns  4/5  Great sandwiches that are made extremely fast, and not one but TWO locations that are very close to Centennial, one of which is very accessible to people that don’t have cars.
  2. Little Caesars  4/5  Little Caesars is the best option for people that don’t have cars.  It’s fast and has relatively good food. The only problem is its inconsistency.
  3. McDonalds  3/5  McDonalds is cheap, easy, and very close to Centennial.  However there are far better options for quality of food.
  4. Niros Gyros  3.5/5  Niros Gyros is one of the better places that is within walking distance.  The food is a high quality at a good price, however is fairly controversial among students, according to a recent survey done by the Centinal newspaper.
  5. Taco Bell  3.5/5  Taco Bell is a little more difficult to walk to, considering students have to cross Springfield Avenue during lunch time, but regardless, it’s still a fairly viable option with good food that doesn’t have too long of a wait time.
  6. Super Wok  4/5  Super Wok has very good Chinese food that’s family owned by a student from Centennial.
  7. Li’l Porgy’s  3/5  Li’l Porgy’s has decent barbecue, if you like barbeque.  Prices are decent and the wait isn’t terrible.
  8. Burger King  2/5  Burger King has burgers and is very useful to people without cars.
  9. Wienerschnitzel   3/5  Has good food for relatively cheap prices, and is fairly easy to walk to, disregarding the busy streets that need to be crossed.
  10. KFC  2/5  Has Food
  11. Papa John’s  1.5/5  Papa John’s is farther away than Little Caesars, and is almost identical to the pizza served in the cafeteria.  So if you want cafeteria pizza, than go to Papa John’s.
  12. Dunkin’ Donuts  2.5/5  Has breakfast food, which is always good.  And coffee for all of the coffee addicts.
  13. La Bamba  3.5/5  La Bamba has really good burritos for a very cheap price.  The only problem is that it is completely unavailable to people that are walking.
  14. Panera  3/5  Is the Whole Foods of the fast food industry, take that as you will.
  15. Hardees  1.5/5  Hardee’s has below average food and cannot be walked to.  This combined with better options makes this the most forgettable restaurant on this list.
  16.  Smoothie King  3/5  Smoothie King has good smoothies if you like smoothies, but doesn’t have much else in the way of food.
  17. Sonic  3/5  Sonic has really good food that’s a short drive away, but can’t be walked to.  However the food and very short waits largely compensates for this fact.
  18. Subway  2/5  This is fairly out of the way and most definitely has to be driven to, and the quality of food is wildly inconsistent. 
  19. El Toro  3/5  Has good food and is located closer to Centennial, but not close enough that it can be walked to.
  20. Cactus Grill  2.5/5  Isn’t anywhere close to being in walking distance, but has good enough food so that the drive might be worth it.
  21. Monicals  3/5  Monicals has good pizza, and is a very short drive to and from centennial.
  22. Ming Garden  4/5  Is right next to Little Caesars, which makes it a great option for people walking, and has good food. 

After going through all of the restaurants in the surrounding area the best ones, rated by vicinity and quality of food, are Little Caesars and Jimmy Johns, with Niros Gyros and Taco Bell as close seconds.  The least favorable restaurants are Hardee’s and KFC.  But no matter what, go wherever you please.  If you have a different opinion, or think a restaurant was left off, comment down below.