Clubs to Check Out

Centennial has a rather large array of clubs available for students to join. From debate to ping pong, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a club worth joining. Speaking of clubs, here’s some you might be interested in.

Whether painting a beautiful sunset or drawing a fire breathing dragon, you have the freedom to create whatever you imagine here. Sponsored by Mr. Doniak and Ms. Wong, Art Club creates a space for students to let out their creative side. Art Club was created for students who enjoy artistic expression but just aren’t able to fit it into their schedule. Every other Tuesday in room 207, students can come and spend an hour creating a work of art. Most days there will be a craft project already chosen for students to work on, such as painting a mask or drawing your dream home. All students are welcome to come and express their artistic side whenever they feel like going, no membership required.

On top of this, the art club will also work on a mural together. Last year, the club created a mural for the Disability Service Center here in Champaign. The entire thing was student-designed and painted and took about two months to complete. Mr. Doniak has said that no plan has been made to make a mural or any sort of similar large scale project this year, but he is looking for groups willing to partner with the club to create another masterpiece. Any groups that wish to have a large piece made would be responsible for paying for supplies for the students to use, no money would come out of student pockets in the construction of this project.

Creative Writing Club is best summarized by long-time member Jaxon Currie, “we write and we’re creative.” Meetings are held every Monday from 3:30 to 4:30 in room 203. Every meeting begins with a writing prompt, then everyone works on a topic such as world-building, sci-fi stories, freeform, etc. Closer to the end of the semester, they put together the Literary Magazine, a digital magazine where anything from stories to drawings to even videos can be put on display. Snacks are provided at certain meetings. Stop by to tell and hear some stories, poems, or even songs. 

Girls Who Code is a club for girls interested in coding. Meeting after school on Tuesdays in room 123, the club begins by discussing a prominent woman in the field of computer science. After the discussion ends, everyone is free to go and work on whatever personal project they wish too. From games too helpful software, any sort of programming is welcome here. This space is meant to be a workshop where you can have fun and talk with like-minded people about things you’re passionate about. Feel free to stop by whenever!