Fall Play: She Kills Monsters

The She Kills Monsters auditions are finally completed and the cast and crew list has been shared! Our drama director, Ms.Green, the cast, crew, and more are rearing to start! With loads of stage combat and a fun new look at DnD we jump into the world of Tillius the Paladin. Agnes, her sister wants to know why her sister Tilly died. So she must travel into her sister’s world to find out why. With the help of the dungeon master Chuck, Agnes will join her sister’s party and defeat monsters along the way.

Here is the list of actors that are illustrating this story through the world of Dungeons and Dragons.


  • Narrator Kam Peterson
  • Agnes Mariah Smith
  • Tilly Kiera Shaw
  • Chuck Seth Hubbard
  • Lilith Quinn Fisher
  • Kaliope Olivia Carr
  • Orcus Caden Schaffner
  • Miles Spencer Evans
  • Steve Trey Rodgers
  • Vera Makayla Carson
  • Evil Gabbi Ellison Radek
  • Evil Tina Lola Wright
  • Farrah Paige White
  • Monsters:  Corey Barnes, Alex Fallaw, Emily Hancock, T. Kelly, Elizabeth Needham, Jalen Peete,  Louie Santos, Brody Schaffner, Henry Spinella, Jaime Tiger, Al Von Behren, Lucas White,  Emily Windelborn

And of course… Let’s not forget about our teachers and crew!

DIRECTOR Lindsay Green

PRODUCER Karen Klebbe



  • LIGHTS  Ambria Shang, Carlos Nava-Matadama, Katie Tran, Ruben Vipinraj, Bennett Kirby, Jake Cox
  • PROPS Tanner Johnston, Ben Kirkland
  • SOUND  Adam Bramowicz, Owen Folsom, Grace Shanholtzer, Cassandra, Aiden B 
  • MAKEUP/COSTUMES  Makayla Carson, Elizabeth Champion, Ella Fuller, Cassandra Marino, Vanessa Nava-Matadama, Grace Shanholtzer
  • RUN CREW Maria Heller, Julia Albarracin, Lauren Cravens, Rowan Enstrom, Makayla Faust, Nicholas Hasenstab, Nhi Nguyen, Katie Thuney, Brendan Trauth, Willow Enstrom

If you’re interested in participating, they are always looking for help with set building, painting, cleaning, and more! With the help of all of these people to make our play possible, let’s show them our support on November 7th-9th!


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