The Centinal Wants Your Art and Poetry!

The Centinal is now accepting art submissions!

The Centinal has decided to accept submissions of art, poetry, short stories, and comics in order to gain more support for The Centennial’s new and improved website! Students looking to submit a piece should send their work to to be reviewed. There will be some rules regarding content we can display on our website. 


  • Keep in mind The Centinal is a school newspaper; If you don’t want a teacher to see your work, don’t send it in.
  • While love stories and love poems are fine, do try to keep them PG13.
  • You will not be judged for writing about dark concepts, but keep in mind it is up to our moderators whether or not we can publish your work in good conscience.

If your work is chosen to be published it will be placed on The Centinal’s website with your name credited unless you choose to remain anonymous. If you are submitting a piece of artwork, please sign your work as we don’t want someone to claim it as their own.

We at The Centinal are looking forwards to your submissions, until then, be creative and have fun!