The Impeachment of President Trump

It has now been over a month since Democrats have introduced their impeachment inquiry, and they show no signs of slowing down. The House Rules committee voted yesterday to formalize the impeachment inquiry procedures. Today, the House voted on the resolution, and it passed. Beyond that, public hearings could start as soon as mid-November. 

Where Do They Stand?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has stated his disbelief in how the Democrats have reached this resolution. He is among the many Republicans who think that the resolution does not give President Trump “due process that he deserves.” 

While some are questioning his due process, others wonder why the President is even being impeached (assuming the proper votes pass). Most Republicans can agree that the blame should be shifted on former VP and 2020 Democratic hopeful, Joe Biden.  His son Hunter sat on the board of Burisma Holdings, an energy company in Ukraine and was paid to do so. “Trump is being impeached for asking the questions that a lot of people had about [Hunter] Biden.” A Centennial student said, who asked not to be named.

But for a lot of Democrats, impeachment is the only resolution to this “Trump problem”. Juliann Xu, a senior at Centennial shared her input: “Personally, I didn’t think Trump would be impeached at any time during this term, since nothing he has done previously has been ‘illegal.’ But this Ukraine call is serious. Trump used his high position in a form of coercion to weasel information out about a political opponent.”

John Bolton who was the National Security advisor during Trump’s campaign will testify next week. Tim Morrison, an ex-advisor to the President was also set to testify against President Trump. He says that there is more to the transcript than what was declassified, which is the main focus to Democrats trying to get Trump impeached. “I read the transcript,” Xu said, “ and Trump does not spend much time on Biden. However, it is enough to implicate him, and an investigation into what was really said, because a transcript is not word for word.”

As this is almost certainly only the beginning of a long road ahead, and neither Democrats or Republicans find themselves in the wrong. Hans Dee, a 2018 Centennial grad gave his thoughts on the matter. “[Democrats] keep trying to find new excuses to impeach him. Sexual harassment cases that dissolved because there was no evidence, everything with Russia starting with the 2016 election. They have repeatedly called Trump a ‘white nationalist, a bigot, a homophobe, etc’ simply because they’ll do anything to make sure Trump isn’t in the White House another 4 years.” Hans shares the same outlook that Trump-supporting Republicans have developed since the beginning of Trump’s presidency almost 3 years ago: That Democrats have an agenda to stop the President, even if it means developing a story out of thin air. “Look at what happened with Judge Kavanaugh. Nobody had a problem with him until Trump showed interest, and then suddenly Kavanaugh became a rapist,” He concluded.

The DOJ now classifies the Russian Election meddling origin as a criminal investigation that the Democrats say should be shut down, and Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Court Justice. Republicans believe this is just another hoax that adds to their long list. 

What Will it Look Like Going Forward?

November 3rd, 2020 is a very significant date to many Americans. To Republicans, it is when they hope to prove their loyalty to Trump as he seeks reelection. To Democrats, they hope that Trump isn’t even on the ballot come next year. 

As Democrats seek to remove Trump from office, the big question is “Why now?” There are 368 days until the Presidential election, and impeaching a President a year before he could become a sitting duck almost seems pointless. Outside of Washington’s perfect political bubble, many politicians involved in the impeachment inquiry forget that the real world still exists, with many real world problems. In Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district, needles are being handed to the homeless population because they don’t want their citizens abusing drugs with dirty syringes. In Detroit, poverty among the average household is 39.9%, while the average income barely exceeds $25,000. In Flint, their own water isn’t even drinkable!

While the big faces in Washington seek to push a campaign against the President of the United States, whether that may be to hold him accountable or if it really is hatred for opposition, their best campaign might be elsewhere. The politicians who vowed to fix the broken country if they were elected seemingly turn the other way when the problems persist. A campaign trail of fulfilled promises would prove to a country straying so far from democracy why voting is still about the people, not about the gain of powerful politicians. Until that time, hatred will continue to fuel the American divide, and it will teach hundreds of millions of people that it is okay to throw democracy out of the window in pursuit of the way one party likes it, not how a country voted for it; that a problem can be changed by forceful removal, not by the voting power of the American People who the power is truly bestowed upon.