Celebrating Thanksgiving

Regardless of race or ethnicity, everyone US loves Thanksgiving. How could anyone not like a holiday dedicated to missing work, stuffing their faces with food, and spending time with family?

Since we love Thanksgiving so much, we went around the school to ask students and staff what their plans are for Thanksgiving. Here are their responses:

Kendall Green- This year I’m staying home this year watching movies all break long with my family. My mom will make a lot of food so I’ll be full all break.

Mrs.Downs- I will be spending all Thanksgiving break with my family. My sister will be coming down town to visit me. I’ll also spend my Thanksgiving break grading over rough drafts for my classes.

Jariyah Dillon- I’m going to Atlanta to my Aunt’s house. I’m gonna eat a lot and then go black friday shopping.

With the weather getting colder outside, Thanksgiving is the perfect day to stay at home with family and enjoy warm meals. Nothing compares to sharing laughs, stories and lots of food with the ones you love. We hope that everyone may have a wonderful Thanksgiving break filled with love and memories.