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Austin is a Centennial football player and track runner

Open Campus Lunch Should Be Extended to Sophomores

Sophomores should all receive open campus lunch. Study halls are mostly abused by students and very little studying is actually done. With the irrelevancy of a study hall to most, administration needs to reconsider granting open campus lunch to sophomores. Obviously, guidelines would still need to be set to ensure the students don’t get a ‘free ride’ to skip school.

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The Race and Identity Club

The Race and Identity is a club geared towards boys of all races from freshman to junior year in high school.  The goal of the club is to have students learn about their own racial identity and how it affects them and how identity shapes them as a person.  It is predominantly geared towards boys for a few good reasons.  According to a study done by Dr. Michael Thompson girls are out performing boys in every academic standard.  The club is geared to help boys get smarter as well in this instance and to help them want to strive to change these studies.

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Winter Versa Dance This Saturday

Vice Versa is a fun time of year for everyone with all the stress of winter it’s nice to just go to a dance with somebody.  For Centennial High School our Vice Versa dance this year is called “Winter Versa”.  The dance is going to be Saturday, February 28, from 7 to 10 pm at The Refinery.  It costs five dollars to get in and the ticket sales will be Wednesday through Friday (February 25-27).  You can buy your tickets in the main lobby of Centennial High School any of these three days.

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Sports Money…Where does it go?

Article co-written with Ginny Martinez

At Centennial, sports are one of the biggest and most important things we have.
With 21 varsity teams and hundreds of players, it could be one of the biggest expenses
of the school. As a follow up to our most recent article, referencing the school wide
budget, The Centinal takes a deeper look at sports, and more importantly: the money
that makes it all possible. Brian Easter, the Centennial Athletic Director, explained the
whole process.

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