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Centennial Student Accepted to Hogwarts!

This article was written with Nick LeBaugh.

Kirkland Butcher is a senior at Centennial. A few weeks ago, he received a very unique letter in the mail. When he opened it, he was shocked to discover that the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry wanted him to attend. This was a bigger shock than most acceptances because he didn’t even apply. Actually, Kirkland hates school and only needs to excel in magic. Hogwarts knows this and wants to take advantage of his potential. The Centinal was lucky enough to catch Kirkland for an interview one day. Continue reading Centennial Student Accepted to Hogwarts!

Centennial Celebrates Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest fair, originating in Munich, Germany. The festival lasts 16 days spanning from the end of September to the first weekend of October. Oktoberfest is a huge part of German culture and has been held since 1810. During the festival, many attendees drink high amounts of alcohol, play local cultural games, and celebrate their heritage. In Champaign,  the holiday is celebrated a little more recreationally. Champaign locals celebrate more of the culture of alcohol and the popularity of German beers. The Blind Pig, a local bar, specifically brews its own special flavor of “Oktoberfest.” Continue reading Centennial Celebrates Oktoberfest