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Turkish Music Meets Centennial

Centennial’s Band Director and Guitar Teacher Michael Allen gave his students a great opportunity (funded by the American Turkish Society) to learn about the culture and music of Turkey. Tufan Sevim, a musician from Turkey, is in America receiving his masters degree in business and was asked to teach students about his country and its music. To begin the class, Sevim began by presenting a brief PowerPoint about the history of Turkey and the city that he is from. It was nice how he introduced himself because it gave the students a chance to learn about a culture that many are completely unfamiliar with.

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A Returning Teacher Shares his Experiences at Centennial

The first weeks of school can be stressful for anyone. There are new classes, new students, and a new level of responsibility that one must learn to carry. Yet, what people often forget is how teachers feel in similar, stressful situations. The Centinal has brought this article to light because life as a teacher can be quite hectic. The following questions have been directed towards Jim Linnenburger, an AP Calculus and Algebra 2 teacher here at Centennial. He has taught at Centennial before but then worked at the Melon Building before returning back this year. Continue reading A Returning Teacher Shares his Experiences at Centennial

My Experience at U of I College of Engineering

On March 15th, I had the pleasure of touring the College of Engineering at U of I. The tour was remarkable to say the least. To begin, the director of undergraduates gave a short presentation about the different majors and statistics about the college. One statistic in particular was astonishing. For every 5 interviews that a student receives from companies, they receive 2.1 job offers. To further impress me, the director continued to state the college’s rank among other prestigious universities. University of Illinois’ College of Engineering constantly ranked at about 5th in the country among all engineering majors. Civil and Environmental ranked 1st in the entire country! Continue reading My Experience at U of I College of Engineering

Spanish III Social Action Project

In all of Centennial’s Spanish III classes, students and teachers have been collectively coming up with ideas in the hope for completing a social action project. The project is completely non-profit and would have the students volunteer so it is by no means required for those who may have plans or those who are simply not interested. However, for those individuals who have not volunteered before, this project may be a great experience to participate in and spend time with friends while helping Champaign and its people. There are many options that students and teachers are currently voting on, so students may have the chance in volunteering for something that peaks their individual interests. Continue reading Spanish III Social Action Project

Financial Aid Programs/ Scholarship Information

As the school year proceeds, many students are looking for opportunities and information for up and coming scholarships. All of this could be intimating to an individual, but there are options to make the process easier and to get your questions answered. If you are applying for college, there are a few nights coming up that can give you key general information on the scholarships and financial aid programs you might be looking for. Continue reading Financial Aid Programs/ Scholarship Information