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Centennial Predicts Super Bowl

As we all know, Super Bowl XLIX is this Sunday. It’s a time where people don’t judge you for throwing a party on a Sunday knowing you have work and school tomorrow. I’m just one of the Millions looking forward to this game. One main reason: ┬áRichard Sherman vs Tom Brady. “U mad bro?” If you don’t get that reference, just Google Richard Sherman with the quote next to it. This article is full of ten people I interviewed about the game. I asked two simple questions, who’s going to win, and why?

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NFL Conference Championship Wrap-Up

There was much to talk about for one of the two games on Sunday, and not much to talk about the other. An impossible comeback…and a savage beating that has resulted in a team under investigation.

Let’s start with the blowout. The Indianapolis Colts, who upset the Denver Broncos last week, would travel to Foxborough, Massachusetts to face off against the New England Patriots with a trip to Arizona on the line.

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Let’s Go Bowling – A Look At How The Illini Became Bowl Eligible

At the beginning of the Illinois Football season, their Head Coach Tim Beckman was coaching for his job. He would need to show some signs of improvement this season. Illinois have a favorable start with Youngstown State, Western Kentucky, Washington and Texas State as their first four opponents. On top of that, they have a possible superstar quarterback in Wes Lunt, who transferred from Oklahoma State University and sat out last year due to NCAA Rules and Regulations.

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