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Farrah is a Senior. This is her second year being on newspaper. As of right now she is apart of CU-Scholars, NHS, interact, best buddies and spanish club.

Like a Girl

One of the most talked about hits for the Super Bowl commercials was the Like A Girl ad sponsored by Always. The commercial seeks to redefine the phrase “like a girl,” as something strong and empowering. In the video, a cast of young men and women are to act out how to hit and run “like a girl” and they all perceive by whipping their hair, complaining, looking slow, etc. Except the younger girls- they act it out with fierce, athletic motions. The others soon realize their mistake of the question. The main point was to show that acting “like a girl” should not be an insult. There was a lot of controversy between this commercial on twitter like new accounts called ‘Meninist’ and negative comments about the review.

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Student of the Week: Sammie Lavin

This week for student of the week I thought hard and long about someone who should be known for their great achievements and Sammie Lavin is definitely a position for this. Sammie has decided on her own to organize a new club this year called Best Buddies. It’s basically where students pair up with fellow centennial students with disabilities to do fun activities out of school. Her and Amy Westfield have planned out that there would be two kids per buddy. Some ideas Sammie had for activities are a Halloween party, ugly Christmas sweater party, just meet up after school and all hang out. She says, “It’ll be great opportunity to increase interaction with kids who have disabilities to make them feel more included, involved, and excepted.”

Sammie got this whole idea from when she went to a camp over the summer volunteering and connecting with kids who have disabilities. She says seeing how much fun they were having, made her enjoyed the experience x10 more. She really wants people at Centennial to encounter this same feeling especially since it doesn’t take much to do at all.

All in all Sammie has shown herself to be a selfless caring individual who genuinely cares about everyone and that is why I think she deserves to be student of the week. There’s definitely a bright future for this club at Centennial and I want to help advertise it so more people can be informed about it.

Seniors Feelings About College

I have interviewed the class of 2015 about their thoughts on college since now is the prime time to be planning and choosing your dream college. Although some of the students have given me hesitant and unsure answers, which is totally normal, others have been excited and 100% confident. As the recent senior soccer athlete Kevin Hernandez says, “I can’t wait to graduate and actually study what I want to do.”

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Varsity Soccer Boys Season Summary

As most of you know, our boys varsity soccer season has unfortunately come to an end recently, but they fought hard til the end. With practices 6 days a week 2 hours long they made it to the semi-final regionals! I commend them for achieving this great accomplishment, it wasn’t easy whatsoever. Jesse Fuentes on the boys varsity team says, “It was a tough but great season. We faced a lot of bumps in the roads lost, but with the family I have made throughout it, was more important.” In fact, most of the boys on the team had said that the best part of being in soccer was meeting new people and beginning friendships.

Also another popular answer I got interviewing most of the team was when I asked their favorite highlight. Anthony Martin and Justin Meid had unhesitatingly said “The game against Peoria on senior night definitely. We had a lot of supporters come out and it felt good to win the game with them counting on us.” Jesse said “The Mahomet game because it was revenge when we lost to them last year so it was relieving to know that our hard work and determination had paid off.”

The boys have made a mark in Centennial history and I say good luck to next years season! It was obvious that the boys had fun and also learned so much, hope well for the seniors who want to pursue soccer in college too!