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Canceled Television Shows of 2014

It is always sad when one’s favorite television show ends, but it is even sadder if that end is the result of a cancellation. Currently, it is cancellation season, and networks are making their final decisions on which shows to keep and which to drop. There has already been much sobbing over the cancellation of NBC’s Community from its dedicated fandom, but it is possible that many other fandoms will be crushed by their show ending. Here is the current list of shows that have been announced to be canceled by the major networks.  Read more »


The Beginning of the End of Mad Men: Final Season Premiere to Air Sunday

Since 2007, AMC’s Mad Men has made a name for itself as a critically-acclaimed and influential television program. The show has re-glorified the advertising field, influencing many young people to pursue advertising as their college major. It has also renewed the public’s interest in the culture of the 1960’s, allowing older generations to experience nostalgia. Read more »


Veronica Mars Returns Thanks to Kickstarter Project

In the age of fandoms, it has become commonplace for dedicated fans to want to bring back their beloved television shows that have been canceled for years. Arrested Development returned last year in the form of a new season, and this year, thanks to a record-breaking Kickstarter project, Veronica Mars will return in the form of a movie.  Read more »


Old Sport Literary Magazine Publishes Its First Issue of the Year

Ever since the school year of 2011-2012, Centennial students have had the opportunity to share their creative writing with peers and teachers in a safe and welcoming environment. Run by the school’s Creative Writing Club and sponsored by Centennial English teacher Lindsay Green, Old Sport Literary Magazine has published work from more than twenty-five of Centennial’s budding writers in three extensive issues. This week marks the release of the first issue of the year, which is the magazine’s fourth.

Read more »


As Seen on the Show! Gift Ideas for Television Fans

Christmas is approaching rather quickly, which may leave the people who have not yet picked out presents for their loved ones uneasy. Sometimes it is quite hard to single out a perfect gift, even if you know the person who will receive it extremely well. If the recipient is a dedicated fan of a television show, however, the task of picking out a Christmas gift becomes a lot easier. Thankfully, some television networks or affiliated stores sell items that have appeared on shows. Those items make excellent gifts. Here are some ideas for what to give to a dedicated television show fan for Christmas. Read more »


ABC Set to Air Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Special on Thanksgiving

Throughout the years, ABC has aired many holiday specials that one could deem successful. This year, however, the network seems to have simply gathered a group of random artists to perform in their 90-minute special Lady Gaga and The Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular. Read more »


Modern Films Return to Black and White

Ever since the release of Academy Award-winning The Artist in November of 2011, the existence of modern movies in black and white has become more noticeable, with the possibility of it even being able to be defined as a trend. Evidently, the film that won the Oscar for Best Picture last year was a silent film, but numerous filmmakers have made the decision to simply shoot their latest projects in black and white. Read more »


Best Halloween Costumes from TV Comedies

Whenever one thinks of Halloween, one’s thoughts are not immediately drawn to comedy. As the holiday approaches, one desperately seeks for a clever costume presumably from a source that has a closer connection to Halloween. However, many of the greatest costume ideas can be inspired by television shows that are written to make people laugh. These shows typically have an episode dedicated to Halloween, and in those special episodes the viewer is often presented with costumes that strike a reaction. Here are some of the best costumes exhibited by characters in television comedies.  Read more »


Centennial Playmakers Rehearse for Murder Mystery

Approximately three weeks ago, the informational flyers for this year’s fall play were taped to Centennial’s yellow halls. As students walked to their next classes, some were intrigued by the title of the play chosen. “Rehearsal for Murder,” a murder mystery as the title implies, was director Sue Aldridge’s pick for this year’s fall play.  Read more »


How Guest Stars Affect Television Shows and Their Viewers

It’s that time of the year again — when television shows start their new seasons, and one has something to look forward to on Tuesday nights. With fresh plots, television writers make room for new characters and, most importantly, guest stars. These minor characters may only appear in one or two episodes, but they leave a huge impact on the story and on the viewers. It is impossible not to want to watch an episode knowing that one’s favorite actor or actress will appear in it, and network executives know that. Read more »