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Student Council Success

As the semester comes to a close, Centennial’s Student Council continues to help out around the school and the community. They had great success with homecoming week and the dance in October, but their work wasn’t done just yet. A couple weeks ago, they participated in a food drive along with other clubs throughout the school. The members jobs were to bring in as many peanut butter jars as possible to donate towards the Eastern Illinois Food Bank.

For the next two weeks (December 1st to the 12th), from 5-7, they will be helping out the community by bell ringing for the Salvation Army. They will be located at the County Market on the corner of Kirby and Duncan at the main entrance. Student Council member Faith Ayodele tells the Centinal, “Bell ringing is something fun we can do with our friends, but it’s also great because you know it’s going towards a good cause.”

The Centinal will catch back up with Student Council next semester for information on Vice Versa and more.


Centennial Partners With Habitat for Humanity

Centennial’s Key Club is inviting all to help Habitat for Humanity build a home for a US Army Veteran. This is the first time in over 20 years that Habitat has paired with a veteran. Bobby Hart and April Adams are both graduates from Urbana High School and Centennial organizations have been asked to help out.

The house will be built in Spring 2015. All of the students 16 and older and the staff are invited to volunteer in the process. Along with actually building the house, there will be five message boards (one for each class plus the staff) on display that are open for messages of gratitude to the veteran family. These messages boards will actually go into the house. The messages will cost $1 and the money raised will be used for the costs of building the home.

There will be a competition among classes at Centennial to see who can raise the most money. This competition is also between Centennial, Central and Urbana. The message boards will be out in the main lobby before or after school until this Tuesday, November 25th! Key Club member Rachel Mihm tells the Centinal, “This is a really awesome way to support the community and it would be great to see people participate in it!”

Girls Tennis Goes For State!

Centennial’s ladies tennis team looks to have an another amazing season! These dedicated students practice Monday through Saturday either after school or early evening at the Lindsay Courts across the street from the new Leonhard Center. Unfortunately, it’s too late to get involved with this sport, but attending the matches and tournaments is always encouraged! If you are interested in trying out next year, “Students should know that it’s a hardworking but very rewarding environment,” junior Jenna DeLuce says.

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