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2014 Trends: Spring into Summer Fashion

A new year means a new chance to update our wardrobes and ourselves as fashion’s constant evolution takes new turns and inspires new themes. Bold slogans, backwards buttons and cowgirl mashups: just when you thought spring dressing had run out of ideas, 2014’s trends come along and prove everyone wrong. Snap up some of our top buys for spring/summer 2014 below, selected with the key trends of the season in mind, and you’ll have the perfect capsule wardrobe to take you through to the warmer months.

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The Divergence of Divergent

In the world of literature, apocalyptic dystopia is no walk in the park for anyone involved; but in the future world of Divergent, it’s particularly harsh on teens. “Divergent” is the latest in a string of young adult books to produce a movie franchise.  At the heart of Veronica Roth’s YA bestseller is a provocative existential dilemma involving adolescence and identity: At the age of 16, everyone must choose which of society’s stringently defined sections they’ll join. That could mean staying on home turf or leaving loyalty to blood far behind, and it’s an irreversible decision. Beatrice veers from her inherent faction and chooses the Dauntless, brave warriors who protect society. Chaos ensues. In an era when kids are constantly pressured to launch a career against their liking, it’s an idea with particular resonance.

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Student of the Week: Trent Sanford

Trent Sanford proves himself to be an all-around stupendous individual, which shines through his fantastic grades, impressive school involvement, and outstanding personality. As a senior at Centennial High School, Sanford is involved in many of the clubs and activities that the school has to offer, participating in band, golf team, and as a co-president of Mu Alpha Theta. He excels both academically and creatively, and his flair for various skills are undeniable. His talents duly noted, he has been nominated as The Centinal’s new Student of the Week!

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The Hunger Games: A Worthy Sequel that Improves on the Original

This article was written with Ruth Chung.

1Suzanne Collins’s renowned book trilogy, The Hunger Games, has gained a cult-like following throughout the years. After The Hunger Games movie was released and received such positive reviews, news of Catching Fire coming out this month sparked excitement in fans worldwide. Highly anticipated from both book and movie lovers, Catching Fire opened November 22 and quickly ranked third highest box-office title of all time. The estimated 161.1 million dollars brought in from just this first weekend shows the burgeoning anticipation since news of the movie first caught the public eye.

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Fall into Autumn Lookbook: Look Cool and Keep Warm

It’s finally time to begin implementing some of the major trends of the season into our wardrobes. Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner. Our days of shorts and sandals are numbered, and it’s time to start thinking about fresh fashion looks that correspond with the impending weather. But before you topple into the mindset that an entirely new wardrobe is necessary, keep in mind there are undoubtedly tons of items in your closet that are right on par with 2013’s hottest fashion trends and simply waiting to be re-imagined for the oncoming season.  Looking for some tips on how to transform some of your summer staples for cooler temps? Lucky for anyone hoping to re-invent themselves (or, at least, incorporate a trend or two), our fashion advice has you covered. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of the dropping temperatures.

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Spotlight on Spring Fashion

The genesis of any new season brings with it the hope of inventiveness and sparkle in every way imaginable. But really, springtime outshines them all. Warmer weather is at long last arriving in Illinois, and with it the opportunity to update our wardrobes with fresh innovative pieces that correspond with 2013′s fashion trends. Fashion is a means of expression—a way to outwardly convey one’s vibe, display a dazzling eccentricity, and flaunt one’s femininity. Spring brings about new openings to enhance your style to another level. After all, spring is about possibilities and daring choices—hot pink, cool prints, and putting yourself out there. It’s always up to you as to how you choose to interpret and adjust the trends to suit your own individual style, but here is some inspiration and guidance to help make this spring season count. Continue reading Spotlight on Spring Fashion

The Lowdown on Warm Bodies: Movie vs. Book

Movie theatres all across the globe recently saw the release of Jonathan Levine’s adaptation of Isaac Marion’s zombie romance novel Warm Bodies, much known as a Night of the Living Dead take on Romeo and Juliet. I initially sauntered into the showing of Warm Bodies with no significant expectations, mainly regarding it as yet another addition to the American zombie craze. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the film, so much so that I stopped by my local bookstore to pick up a copy of the book itself. Continue reading The Lowdown on Warm Bodies: Movie vs. Book

Student of the Week: Sophie Kim

A sophomore here at Centennial, Sophie Kim is an incredible student, musician, and athlete. She shines on the court as well as the stage, evident in her outstanding knack for playing both tennis and the violin. Whilst maintaining a strong GPA, she manages to juggle a healthy social life and loads of extracurricular activities. Sophie’s exceptional talent and dedicated motivation has molded her into the successful student she is today. Continue reading Student of the Week: Sophie Kim