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Maria Heller is a senior at Centennial High School, obviously. She is in Journalism and is the editor-in-chief of the Yearbook committee. She is also part of the archery team as a team captain, the thespian society as the co president, marching band, and the stage manager for the run crew.

Fall Play: She Kills Monsters

The She Kills Monsters auditions are finally completed and the cast and crew list has been shared! Our drama director, Ms.Green, the cast, crew, and more are rearing to start! With loads of stage combat and a fun new look at DnD we jump into the world of Tillius the Paladin. Agnes, her sister wants to know why her sister Tilly died. So she must travel into her sister’s world to find out why. With the help of the dungeon master Chuck, Agnes will join her sister’s party and defeat monsters along the way.

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