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Jasmine Kyler is a senior at Centenial. She is a new journalist who loves art, and plays basketball and volleyball.

New Year, New Me

A new year means a new start for many people, and new years resolutions are the perfect way to start off the year on the right foot. These inspiring resolutions have created an overload of gym memberships, and a shortage of health foods at the local grocery store. This ‘get fit’ mentality is not the only resolution we have come across. Improvements in the classroom and social lives have popped up many times when students were asked about their resolutions, and those were not the only ones. When students at Centennial were asked what their resolutions were, they said…

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Seniors: Tis the Season

“Tis the season for an ugly Christmas sweater!” said the class of 2014. Centennial seniors managed to carry on yet another school tradition by wear ugly Christmas sweaters, or any festive holiday wear that they owned! Dozens of seniors are all dressed up for this exciting day, making for a very festive high school. Hallways filled with reindeer, penguin, and light-up sweaters surely seem to brighten any dreary, cold day in Champaign!

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Seniors: Life’s a Beach

Also by Lexi Hall

“Life’s a beach, and we’re just playing in the sand” said senior Katherine Snyder when asked about senior beach day. Exactly one week ago, Centennial High School tradition lived on one more year as the class of 2014 dressed up in beach-wear for the first snow of the year. Although temperatures were below freezing, the senior class stuck out the day without complaint. Continue reading Seniors: Life’s a Beach

Student of the Week: Christian Khachaturian

Christian Khachaturian is an outstanding young golfer who exceeds expectations not only on the course but also in the classroom. Being only a junior, Christian is already an outstanding student athlete with five wins under his belt. This breakout season has really made him think that he would like to go on and play golf at the college level, but being this young, he is still undecided as to where. Continue reading Student of the Week: Christian Khachaturian

Student of the Week: James Akinleye

James Akinleye is not only an outstanding student in the classroom but also an overachiever in the community. He is a cast member in the upcoming children’s play Alice in Wonderland and hopes to participate in theatre in college. He is also a member of Thespians, Dance Marathon, Key Club, and many other extra curriculars that involve hours of dedication to the community. His many involvements in Centennial and the Champaign-Urbana area are just part of the reason he was chosen as The Centinal‘s Student of the Week!

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