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Teacher Feature: Ms. Bednar

This article was written with Vanessa Jones. This week’s Teacher Feature is Katie Bednar! Ms. Bednar just recently became a teacher at Centennial. She graduated from the University of Illinois in […]

Uniforms are Coming to Centennial

This article was written with Vanessa Jones. Next year Centennial is becoming a test school for uniforms. Unit 4 has decided that students are violating the current dress code too much, and administrators need a way to enforce the dress code. Associate Principal Charles Neitzel said, “We will be having uniforms next […]

Which Fall Holiday is Fit For You?

This article was written with Samantha Hayek. The end of the year is a fun time full of holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are celebrated during this time. People have argued over which holiday is the best. Halloween and Thanksgiving are close in date and theme, which can […]